Wednesday, January 14, 2015

James Harden

At RealGM, a look at why Houston's MVP could never have stayed in Oklahoma City.

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  1. great piece. loved it.
    it's like no one but you sees that the fact that Harden flourishes with the ball in his hands all the time is the exact reason why Presti had to let him go.
    it wasn't for Ibaka or even for Russ, it was for KD as a playmaker. they wanted the ball in KD's hands in crunch time, and Russ is more dangerous and explosive off the ball, even though Harden is a better shooter (and he is a plus defender when he's locked in).
    the point is, as you eloquently explained, that to maximize the BIG3's strengths in the 4th quarter, the ball had to be in Harden's hands.even if you discount the value of a bigger role for personal improvment. that's just not what Presti wanted, and i can understand why.