Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Andre Drummond

At RealGM, a look at the centerpiece of the plan in Detroit.


  1. Really neat article, with a lot of solid points. It will be interesting to see whether André can develop anything remotely similar to a post game during the year; at least one move with a counter. Yet, one of his biggest strengths is his pure lack of touch paired with his monstrous athleticism. The "what if" Dallas comparison was really interesting too. Will be interesting to see if Drummond can average close to twenty boards. Frankly, I am not seeing anyone else grabbing them among his team mates, and opposing centers (in the east especially) will have a hard time containing him.

  2. I think the best thing for Drummond's post game would just be developing a hook shot he can use on duck-ins. Forget counters or setting up moves. For now he just needs the very basics and he should really only be getting post touches when he get right to the front of the rim.