Friday, December 4, 2015

Draymond Green

At RealGM, a look at his unique skill-set and just how important he is for Golden State.


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  3. Classifying him as a rim protector is a bit of a stretch, regardless of his wingspan. I think Blake would definitely be an upgrade over green. The only thing he doesn't do better is the 3 ball. If they ever started calling the fouls that they should on green, I don't think the lineup would be nearly as workable. It's basically how they used to mug shaq because he was so much bigger, and the refs called only a fraction of the fouls. Draymond gets away with a ton of fouls because he's undersized against everyone he defends.

    1. I totally agree with you that he gets away with murder when it comes to fouls. For as much as I appreciate his versatility, it really gets on my nerves watching him foul guys then talk a bunch of trash because the refs don't call it.

      Seth Partnow has the numbers on this - he apparently blocks 3 shots per 36 minutes when he's playing C.

  4. Draymond Green deserves all the praise he's getting and probably more. Even with articles like these, he is still probably underrated. There aren't ten players in the NBA better than him. He will continue to get calls because he is more aggressive than his opponents. It's cliche that aggressive players get the calls, but it's cliche because it's true. Draymond "wants it" more and will therefore be rewarded.

    Whether Blake Griffin would be an upgrade is a wonderful debate. Griffin is such a tremendous playmaker that he would thrive in Golden State, but I also think that if Draymond swapped spots, and were a Clipper, he'd be called upon to shoulder more of the scoring burden, and I think he'd readily step up.

    Probably splitting hairs with who is better between the two.

    Nice Reggie Jackson--straw that stirs the drink reference.