Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kevin Love

At RealGM, a look at whether he really makes sense long-term in Cleveland.


  1. Another reason Love matters less is that his elite skill - rebounding - matters less in today's NBA. I think the Cavs are stuck with him, though.
    It's hard to get back equal value for Love in a trade without going through a mini-rebuild. I don't think they could get like, Tobias Harris or Brad Beal for example. Nic Batum could fit really well with this Cavs team (and would fit on a lot of NBA teams), but are the Cavs going to move Kevin Love for Nicolas Batum? Of course not. If they lose the Finals (or don't make it) they'll fire Dave Blatt and bring someone in who will supposedly be able to "maximize" the big three they already have. That's how it goes.

    1. Nic Batum would be amazing in Cleveland, like he would in a lot of places. He's getting a max for sure in the off-season.