Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ben Simmons + Brandon Ingram

At The Cauldron, the first in a weekly wrap-up series on the top prospects in the 2016 draft.


  1. Do you see Simmons' game translating into immediate impact next year as a rookie? Can he start and impose his strengths from the get-go, or will he need a bit of an apprenticeship? Kind of a Towns (totally ready) or Russell (needs seasoning) type of situation.

  2. A lot of it will depend on the situation he is drafted into. If he has to play as a 3 on a team without any shooters upfront and that has other ball-dominant players at the 1 and 2, he's not going to be nearly as effective than if he's playing as a 4 with three 3+D around him like he is at LSU.

    He's not Karl Towns but no one is really. What makes Towns so amazing is that he could have fit in just about any situation as a rookie.