Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ben Simmons + Henry Ellenson

At The Cauldron, breaking down the match-up of two lottery picks in my weekly breakdown of the top NBA draft storylines.


  1. I'm all in on Simmons. What a fun and amazing talent. He's so fast with the ball in his hands.

    Someone with his level of ability leads to interesting debate over one-and-done. I've always been free market in my thinking, thinking that if an NBA team wants to pay someone to play basketball, they should be able to regardless of age.

    JTjarks, do you think Ben Simmons is benefitting basketbal-wise from his year running-the-show surrounded by far inferior talent? Is there inherent value in leading a team regardless of the level of competition, or would Simmons benefit more already being on a NBA roster?

  2. I think it's a very good situation for him to rack up stats and showcase his game but I'm not sure how much it affects his development. Either he's going to put the time in over the summer to improve his jumper or he isn't. That's where you really see guys improve. Everything else is going to come out in the wash.